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iWT health creates innovative applications that help healthcare providers provide the right care for each patient every time.

On this page you’ll find information on the following iWT health products:


BedReady is a single platform that allows hospitals to conduct efficient bed management and delivers comprehensive reporting.

Bedready's real-time bed control system includes an easy-to-manage patient waiting queue, the ability to search for available beds, rapid assignment with automated alerts to staff, readmission notifications, and real-time assigned bed statuses.


Notifi is an interconnected platform of alerts, reminders and analytics to help caregivers achieve coordinated patient care. Notifi’s product line includes following:

Notifi Care

Notifi Care identifies missing care, needed follow-up or potential adverse events. It works as a quiet and assistive technology in the background to support conventional efforts that need to be streamlined.

Notifi Alerts

Notifi Alerts intelligently analyzes the electronic health record (EHR) and other data sources to alert staff to important status changes. It provides intelligent, situation-specific, two-way and multi-channelled messages that can be deployed for critical results, lab values, test reads, patient status changes and many other types of communication.

Notifi Reminders

Notifi Reminders helps prepare patients for the care environment by providing appointments, insurance and pre-appointment task reminders. It analyzes patient schedule information and automatically generates reminders that are delivered via text, email, or telephony services.


Lynxit connects your clinical communication ecosystem by getting the right information and alerts to the right person at the right time, combining paging, messaging and alerts.


Healthtrax replaces messy, manual and static patient room whiteboards with integrated, dynamic and appealing electronic displays which automatically update with key information for in-room patients as well as unit-level caregivers; making patients and families informed, nurses happier and care more coordinated.

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