Optimizing & Streamlining Your Workflows With Today’s Technologies

Cloud-based Medical Front-End Speech Workflow Solutions for Clinics & Physician Offices Optimize & Streamline Your Workflows, Improving Efficiency & Accuracy While Saving Time & Costs.

Looking for a modern and efficient way to do your documentation? Not interested in having a server on-site or dealing with its ongoing upkeep and maintenance?

Lanier can help you simplify the healthcare industry’s complex documentation processes by providing innovative time-saving & cost-effective solutions for medical clinics & physician offices' particular needs.

How Lanier can help lessen the administrative burden & improve patient care

As an established leader in the dictation, voice recognition and transcription field specializing in workflow automation, we can enhance the accuracy and speed of documentation by delivering highly personalized solutions.

Our national team of experts will be there to help support your organization 24/7.

Whether you are looking for/to:

  • Increase physician daily productivity
  • Increase document quality & accuracy
  • Spend less time at the keyboard
  • Spend more time with patients
  • Reduce transcription time & cost

As a proud business partner of 3M and Dolbey, we simplify workflows by providing KLAS award-winning products, as well as other industry-leading products, that streamline the process of dictation, navigation, and record completion.

Our solutions enable doctors to transcribe patient notes via voice dictation from multiple locations and devices, while using the same user voice profile, proving a seamless user experience.

Check out our wide selection of products used in our workflow solutions.

Products Overview

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