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About Lanier Healthcare Canada What Makes Our Company Unique & Stand Out

Lanier Healthcare Canada (LHCC) is a privately held solutions company. We have dedicated our efforts over more than 18 years to improving processes with the goal of saving valuable time and enhancing documents accuracy while reducing overhead costs for our Canadian clients.

Lanier provides leading technology mainly to Hospitals and Clinics / Physician Private Offices as well as Police Departments & Law Firms.

Specializing in workflow automation, we simplify our client’s complex processes by providing innovative time-saving & cost-reducing solutions for various aspects of these industries with KLAS award-winning products, as well as other industry-leading products.

Offering custom solutions that can speech-enable electronic medical record (EMR) & radiology information system (RIS), distribute critical results, automate worklists, and crucially facilitate quality assurance.

On this page you’ll find the following information about Lanier:

Lanier’s Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision

To follow through on our promise to significantly enhance the speech recognition user-experience by reducing fatigue and burn-out, while improving the quality of the report and ultimately improving the quality of care to the patient. In addition, our vision is to enable connectivity to all systems, eliminating manual processes within our customer’s environment and creating great harmony.

Our Mission

By the year 2027, to create an improved automated world within the Healthcare and Public Safety environments. We will set the Standard of Excellence in medical & public safety reporting and documentation processes: by means of automation and professional quality documentation assistance through our following professional engagements and services:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Clinical Document Improvements
  • Computer-Assisted Physician/Police Documentation (CAPD’s)
  • Accuracy Optimization Services (Lanier’s exclusive)
  • Continued enhancements to our Innovative Services to help document the patient’s story.

Using only the BEST Canadian Human Resources to support our Canadian customers.

Our Core Values

Ensuring honesty and integrity throughout the interactions with our customers, employees/contractors and business partners - proving a good experience for all.

To create a safe, respectful, and equal opportunity environment for all those involved with our business.

To value the contributions made and the extra effort given by our employees and contractors.

To value and appreciate our business partners and their dedication to excellence.

Our PIPEDA Compliance Promise

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) compliance is the responsibility of every organization. As a Business Associate, Lanier Healthcare Canada is dedicated to ensuring that its technical products and services support its clients' compliance policies and procedures, making it easier for them to reach that goal.

Lanier also implements corporate privacy and security policies as well as effective corporate-wide compliance awareness. We see that current operational and technical business practices ensure the privacy and security of protected sensitive information.

We promise we will make every reasonable effort to be knowledgeable and responsive regarding any changes in privacy and security rules and to act as a compliant Business Associate. To this end, we will see that all Business Associate Agreements are properly signed and compliant with current laws.

The Lanier Difference

The Lanier difference is measured in Degrees; (1) by a high level of service provided by local professionals, dedicated to your satisfaction, (2) points given for prompt response and always available to help, 24 hours a day 365 days per year, (3) amount of dedication to your account, by people who understand your world and have a desire to make it better and (4) the grade you assign to our overall performance. Every step forward in each area makes our company stronger.

The last major aspect that differentiates us from our competitors is our team of national expert employees and contractors, that we consider as family.

Lanier’s Management Team

  • Jan Wise's profile picture Jan Wise CEO (Lives in ON)
  • Lyndon Satchell's profile picture Lyndon Satchell CFO (Lives in ON)
  • Manish Chaudhary's profile picture Manish Chaudhary VP of Support Services (Lives in ON)
  • Lynne Stevenson's profile picture Lynne Stevenson Manager of Innovative Services (Lives in ON)
  • Gabe Knox's profile picture Gabe Knox Supervisor of Innovative Services (Lives in ON)

Lanier’s National Team of Experts

  • Jacques Cormier's profile picture Jacques (Jake) Cormier Regional Sales Manager (Lives in NB)
  • Chris Welbourn's profile picture Chris Welbourn Regional Sales Manager (Lives in ON)
  • Dennis Dunbar's profile picture Dennis Dunbar Project Manager (Lives in BC)
  • Peter Pitre's profile picture Peter Pitre Project Team Leader (Lives in NB)
  • Ben Enns' profile picture Ben Enns Project Team Leader (Lives in ON)
  • John Kun's profile picture John Kun Project Team Leader (Lives in ON)
  • Patrina Gough's profile picture Patrina Gough Customer Applications Trainer (Lives in NB)
  • Placeholder profile picture Josephine Beauregard Customer Applications Trainer (Lives in ON)
  • Donovan Dunlop's profile picture Donovan Dunlop Customer Applications Trainer (Lives in BC)
  • Scott Cormier's profile picture Scott Cormier System Support Representative (Lives in NB)
  • Jay Jenning's profile picture Jay Jennings System Support Representative (Lives in ON)
  • Chris Kalnin's profile picture Chris Kalnin System Support Representative (Lives in BC)
  • Brock Stone's profile picture Brock Stone System Support Representative (Lives in BC)
  • John McTaggart's profile picture John McTaggart System Support Rep. & QA Analyst (Lives in ON)
  • Peter Viau's profile picture Peter Viau Developer (Lives in NB)