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Whether they are elegantly working together or acting as solo powerhouses, the 3M M*Modal products enhance and integrate with your workflow to provide innovative solutions for your needs.

On this page you’ll find information on the following 3M M*Modal products:

Fluency Direct

Top ranking front-end speech recognition solution that works with over 200 Electronic Health Records (EHRs), from any location and with multiple devices – all driven by a single, cloud-hosted voice profile. Advanced voice commands facilitate EHR navigation and single sign-on capabilities further boost physician productivity.

Clinicians of any medical specialty can verbally create, edit and sign reports directly in the EHR for faster and better documentation. Fluency Direct's Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) feature delivers in-workflow Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) insights to clinicians in real-time.

At the core of Fluency Direct’s out-of-the-gate accuracy is the power of Speech Understanding™. This proprietary technology combines best-in-breed speech recognition solutions with powerful Natural Language Understanding. This allows physicians to speak in conversational tones and improves accuracy over time. Natural Language Understanding enables the creation of rich documents that encapsulate both narratives and encoded information, as well as dictation directly into any application.

Recipient of the Best in KLAS Award for Speech Recognition - Front-End EMR in 2020.

Fluency for Imaging

A comprehensive reporting and workflow management solution that combines advanced speech recognition technology and integrated productivity tools for faster creation of high-quality diagnostic interpretations. It is designed to be interoperable with your existing systems, requiring no deep integration for ease and speed of deployment.

It employs M*Modal’s proprietary Speech Understanding™, which is far more than the usual voice-to-text software as it uniquely includes Natural Language Understanding technology to contextually understand what the radiologist is saying for unmatched accuracy and performance.

It also includes game-changing Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) technology to present radiologists with real-time, automated and quality-improving feedback related to Lung-RADS™, critical findings and documentation best practices.

Recipient of the KLAS Category Leader Award for Speech Recognition: Front-End Imaging in 2020.

Fluency Flex

Fluency Flex is a versatile tool that enables physicians to create high-quality documentation efficiently and cost-effectively utilizing M*Modal Speech Understanding™ and Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) technologies and other labour saving document generation features.

With Fluency Flex, physicians can document, review and sign however they want and wherever they want across multiple platforms. Front-end speech recognition, standard text, access to previous documents and other patient-specific content, patient lists, and schedules allow physicians to create documents in natural workflows that work best for them.

The time-saving tools like voice-driven standards, voice commands and speech recognition are designed to boost physician productivity. Fluency Flex greatly simplifies the process of referring and reusing content from previous documentation.

Fluency Mobile

Fluency Mobile gives physicians complete freedom and choices when it comes to dictating clinical notes: traditional transcription, back-end speech recognition or front-end speech recognition. With an intuitive user interface and ability to dictate on the go, physicians can be more productive and keep up with all their clinical documentation needs.

With Fluency Mobile you can edit and sign reports directly in the mobile app. You can choose to be notified on your smartphone when transcriptions are ready for review. Features like patient search and appointments view help speed up and simplify your documentation workflow.

Fluency Voice Manager

This solution allows organizations to maximize physician productivity by capturing their dictations using telephony or a computer. Fluency Voice Manager is a highly scalable solution that is designed to meet the needs of a single department or an entire health network. It also enables customers to transcribe their own documents.

Fluency Voice Manager allows physicians and administrators the flexibility to choose workflows that best suit them while maintaining full control over functional details.

Fluency for Transcription

Challenged with increasing documentation requirements, more stringent compliance requirements, and lower reimbursements, healthcare providers are pressed to find solutions that extend beyond transcription.

M*Modal Fluency for Transcription with integrated speech recognition optimizes clinical documentation workflows, speeds up the revenue cycle, helps achieve HIPAA and regulatory compliance, and helps meet Meaningful Use and Electronic Health Records (EHR) requirements, all while providing physicians flexible options to create clinical documentation.

M*Modal Scout™

Built on 3M natural language understanding technology, this business intelligence and analytics (BIA) solution can put your imaging enterprise on the fast track to improved performance, efficiency, documentation quality and reporting.

One system delivers tactical operational tools, clinical analytics to impact patient care and financial management capabilities to help you meet your organizational goals. Enterprise search functionality helps you find meaningful answers to complex questions.

CDI Engage

A revolutionary solution utilizing Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) technology to combine document creation and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) into a cohesive, physician-friendly workflow for continuous improvement in the quality of clinical documentation and patient care – all while supporting clinician workflows and productivity.

CDI Collaborate

An advanced workflow management solution with efficiency-enhancing functionality for Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) specialists that includes automated worklists, summarized evidence of clinical evidence and enterprise-wide reporting capabilities. Extend your CDI coverage to 100% of your charts, all payers and all care settings by leveraging 3M proprietary natural language understanding technology.

Recipient of the KLAS Category Leader Award for Clinical Documentation Improvement in 2020.

CDI Services

M*Modal supports its technology-driven Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) solutions and augments your CDI team’s performance with experienced consultants who are credentialed CDI Specialists and seasoned Health Information Management (HIM) professionals.

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