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Workflow Solutions Product Overview The Industry-Leading Technology Lanier Utilizes

Lanier provides leading technology to Hospitals and Clinics / Physician Private Offices as well as Police Departments & Law Firms.

Specializing in workflow automation, Lanier simplifies their client’s complex processes by providing innovative time-saving & cost-reducing solutions for various aspects of these industries with various KLAS award-winning and industry-leading products.

Learn more about each product and how they streamline the process of dictation, navigation, and report completion below.

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Dolbey Fusion Suite™

The Fusion Suite™ is Dolbey's award-winning healthcare suite of solutions which improves productivity while delivering better documentation and improves patient care. The Fusion Suite of products includes Speech Recognition (on-premise or cloud-based), CAPD, CDI, CAC, Transcription and Dictation.

KLAS awards: Dolbey has earned various Best in KLAS and KLAS Category Leader awards recognizing their continued success as a leading healthcare solutions provider.

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3M M*Modal Products

The 3M M*Modal products enhance and integrate with your workflow to provide innovative solutions for your needs. Their product includes the M*Modal Fluency line of application, CDI & Scout Solutions. Its technology combines speech and natural language understanding technologies to contextually understand the physician narrative.

KLAS awards: 3M M*Modal has earned #1 Best in KLAS for Speech Recognition: Front-End EMR, with Fluency Direct, and its CDI Software has been named the #1 KLAS Category Leader twice in a row.

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Lanier’s ConnectFI & LHCC Connect

ConnectFI (designed for Fluency for Imaging) and LHCC Connect (designed for SpeechQ for Radiology) have been developed by Lanier to enable your advanced Radiology workflow. These integrations provide advanced functions and are catered to meet your specific needs.

Learn more about ConnectFI & LHCC Connect

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Intelerad Medical Systems™

Intelerad’s Clario SmartWorklist™ is a flexible, open application programming interface (API) that allows achieving a seamless integration of the popular intelligent worklist solution with other critical solutions in the imaging ecosystem.

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iWT health Products

iWT health creates innovative applications that help healthcare providers provide the right care for each patient every time. Their products include the Notifi product line, BedReady, Lynxit and Healthtrax.

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